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Hello, Welcome to Magic Paratus 

Magic Paratus, the blog/Instagram started in 2018. I've always thought that I have something to share or say with people. I usually start projects that become quiet successful and adventures that seem to be more magical than real life. I consider myself eclectic in life, in everything. I have studied in different areas but as of now, I would love to do something in my field of Traumatology or Mental Health Epidemiology, actually anything that has to do with Public Health. I thought that I could have a Happy Instagram that would show my life while I instilled a little bit of mental health awareness, gratitude and body positivity.


Now, with this new space and the forum, I think I can actually create a community where people help each other, share their knowledge of Instagram, Influencer Marketing, Small business, also share parenting tips, travel tips and all of the things that we can share in one safe space. I know this is not going to be easy but I know with my tribe we will be able to make a nice community and learn a lot together. Did I mention we will talk a lot about Disney?




Niky Sama

Founder & Blogger

Quirky curator of everything awesome and girly. Disney & Universal Expert.

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